PPC Training

Learn how to conquer the world of Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) to expand your digital marketing portfolio. Our PPC experts explore the most effective and the very latest techniques and best practices for using PPC to propel a business to achieve measurable results.


Smart PPC marketing can help you drive targeted web traffic. With pay-per-click marketing, you pay only what you spend. This training takes you through how to leverage PPC to catapult your business towards success. You will learn PPC marketing essentials such as how to set up advertising campaigns with Google Ads, how to set realistic PPC ad budget, how to craft attention-grabbing ad copy, and how to evaluate PPC performance.

Course Description

This handy training is taught by our experts who know the ins and outs of PPC marketing, including Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and much more. This training will walk you through the entire process of getting the most out of your PPC campaigns, from creating PPC strategy to crafting ad copy and evaluation.

In this most sought-after and exclusive PPC training, you will learn topic by topic, step by step, and bit by bit what you ought to know to conquer the world of Google Ads and PPC in general. It’s your gateway to getting started with PPC marketing.

In this program, you will learn the nitty-gritty of this field as well as crucial techniques, tips, tricks, and what you need to succeed in digital marketing. All the training and sessions are taught and supervised by our top-notch instructors with decades of experience in the industry.

This program is more of a project than a course. You will learn hands-on techniques, take actions, and check out results as you progress through the program. Whether you want to be an affiliate digital marketer, a freelancer or kick-start your own digital marketing business course, this program is dead right on the money for you.


This training has no strict prerequisites. No prior knowledge of PPC required,

What Will I Learn in This Training ?

There are plenty of things you’ll learn in this PPC training, but here are the highlights of the course:

  • Learn what PPC and Google AdWords is all about.
  • Learn how to get started with keywords and match types for PPC
  • How to write a compelling ad copy and ad extensions ?
  • You’ll recognize the critical importance of Google AdWords.
  • Learn how to monetize your website online using Google Ads.
  • Learn how to do PPC keyword research effectively.
  • How to set up and manage your PPC campaigns cost-effectively.
  • Learn the what, the how, and the why of PPC conversion tracking, bidding, and reporting.
  • Learn how to utilize Google Ads automation tools proficiently.
  • Get to know the relationship between SEO and pay-per-click marketing.
  • Learn how to improve Google AdWords quality scores.

Who is This Training Meant For ?

  • Are you a business owner?
  • Are you a digital marketer looking to add a few skills up your sleeve?

If yes, then this PPC training by SEO for Ranks is for. Nonetheless, it’s for anyone who wishes to learn how to use Google AdWords and PPC marketing in no time.

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